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Blogger Gone Wild!

So my home page on my computer is MSN. On MSN comes juicy little tidbits of information. It's just sitting there on the page, almost daring you to click on the link so you can read the story in all its full, gory detail. Now, I'm not one to read the "celebrity" ones very often, mostly I scoff, yes, scoff at the one liners and say out loud, "who cares!!!??". However, sometimes I just can't help myself and I got sucked into two stories on Wonderwall.

First, Kelly Osbourne's fiance apparently likes transgenders. According to the story, Kelly called off the engagement because she found out he had an affair. With a transgendered girl. Boy? Actually, I'm not sure. I think he's a boy because he has a penis but looks like a girl with clothes on. So, he's a she and Kelly's ex fiance likes that. Kelly, apparently, does not.

Second, Vince Neil the lipstick god of 80's hair bands is headed to prison. Prison. Vince Neil. Bet he wishes he'd rethought that whole lipstick thing now. He still wears guyliner I guess, so... Ok, but that's not really the big dealio because it's 15 days in prison for a DUI. Pshhhawww. He also owes more than $1 million dollars in back taxes and the feds are after his hiney. Suppose they will have to wait in line, he's got to get his hiney out of the pokey first. But here IS the big dealio. The thing that shocked me most. He's turning 50! Vince Neil. Is turning 50! Fifty, people! Now that's just hard to wrap my brain around.


  1. Suzanne said...:

    LOL! Enjoyed reading your blog. Following you now.

  1. mombo880 said...:

    Hi Suzanne, thanks for following me! I've been checking out yours and now following you too - love turquoise! :)

  1. LOL! Ooops, I should have read yours before I wrote mine.

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