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It seems like yesterday...

This coming Saturday, Steve and I will celebrate our 17th anniversary.  Well, actually I don't know if we'll do any "celebrating" because he'll probably have to work the night shift but, we'll figure something out.  We've never been big on that kind of thing.  We try to go out to dinner or something.  Maybe walk around the mall or Target.  Gosh, you'd think we're in our 80's!!  I don't know why, it's just how it always ends up working out.  Anyway....

Last night I came across two scrapbooks from back in the early days of scrapbooking.  It really does look like a "crapbook".  But the important pictures are in there so it stays that way.  The first one was from our wedding.  We have the rehersal, wedding, reception and a few from the honeymoon in Mexico.  Our kids were cracking up over the pictures last night.  Our 15 year old talked about his Dad's "80's porn-stache".  Just to clarify, Steve's never had a "porn-stache" but to Ryan, anyone with a mustache back in the day had a "porn-stache".  I'm just curious how he knows about 80's porn-staches though.  Hmmmm.  And then Zach said, "Wow, Dad had hair!!"  Then Ryan asked if we had a traditional wedding and if he was the reason we got married.  We reassured him that we are celebrating our 17th anniversary and he's only 15.  And he insisted that that's not what he meant.  Yes, our kids are such a joy! lol

Which brings me to the second "crapbook".  This one is really bad, construction and creativity wise, but the content is brilliant!  It's titled "Our Kids" and is full of, well...our kids.  It shows me preggo with both.  The pg picture with Ryan shows me with pre-eclampsia, completely swollen and just done. My nose was swollen and spread out it looked about twice its normal size.  My lips were so swollen they were slightly blue.  I was happy yet miserable.  And once that 9lb 4oz baby was born it all went away and 4 years later we decided to do it again!  That pg picture of me with Zach is completely different.  My face is not swollen, I'm smiling, I feel tired but really good.  My mom snapped it of me right before we walked around with Ryan in his dinosaur costume for Halloween.  5 days later, my little 8lb 7oz Zeenie Weenie was born.  Speaking of weenie, it's the one thing Ry pointed out about that book last night...(girly giggle)"look at Zach's little wiener!"  Ok, seriously, he's a 15 year old boy....what did I really expect for him to point out?  After that, all the pictures were randomly posted in there with a few bad captions hand written in my horrible handwriting.  Ryan with his fruit roll up wrapper made into a ninja head band, Zach and Ryan with permanent marker mustaches and goatees (Steve didn't know I only used eyeliner to do that, NOT PERMANENT marker) both in the tub, those wonderful future blackmail pictures.  And there are some of Zach being super cute and sweet and sleepy, you know those ones that capture the moment when you see that they are the perfect angels from God. 

It was nice to look back at both of those books and reminisce and see how far we've come and how much we've accomplished.  And how much we've changed.  No more bangs for me, no more hair for Steve (ok, he just keeps it really short...he knows it's a losing battle so why not just work with whatcha got, right?)  Anyway, it doesn't seem like it can already be 17 years of marital bliss.  Maybe I'll dust of the VHS tape and torture the kids by making them watch our wedding video with us.  We'll be on the look out for the 80's porn-stache.


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    We will be married 17 years in May and our oldest will be 15 then (and a 12 & 10yr old). Such a great post and enjoyable. We can definitely relate - do you have a cupboard full of Roagain? hehehe

    Congrats again!

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