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Etiquette 101

So, this new Face Book is driving me nuts.  I've had a love/hate relationship with fb since I joined a while back.  People definitely overshare.  And they feel entitled to just say what they want when they want.  We've all heard the reports that facebook has been the cause of a lot of break ups and divorces and friendships exploding.  Families have been torn apart by actions/posts put on facebook.

Here's the etiquette as I see it, for posting on any social media that your family has access to:

1) Shut your trap.  Just shut it.  Don't try to make people take sides in something that does NOT involve them.

2) Don't air your dirty laundry on Facebook.  NOBODY wants to see it.  It makes you look foolish.

3) Are you seriously turning to social media to ask for money?  You realize everyone can see this, right?  It's ok to ask for prayers, encouragement and to make people aware of what's going on but for goodness sake, have some class!  Maybe a blog would be a better medium for you.

4) When in doubt, just don't post it!  Think before you "share".


  1. melody-mae said...:

    I agree. My nephews 'babies momma' overshares about their relationship all the time. Saying how badly he treats her and etc...the thing she doesn't realize is she is talking about OUR nephew...excuse me. Take is to a counselor already! ;)

  1. Lacey said...:

    Blergh. I have a love/hate relationship with Facebook too! And the new updates are confusing me. I feel like I am missing half of what my friends post, that I am only getting the posts from the friends who are the ones bragging and whining every two minutes.

    I passed the Versatile Blogger award on to you. You can "pick it up" at my blog. :)

  1. Every post you write makes me laugh. Sometimes I have to share them with hubby cause I end up laughing out loud and he wants to know why.You so crack me up!

  1. mombo880 said...:

    Thanks Ladonna, you are so kind!!

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