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Free Children's World Atlas

Good Saturday morning!  It's a bit breezy here in Nebraska today but temps are heading towards 75 degrees today.  Last night we froze in Milford for a football game.  My throat is a little raw from yelling for our boys.  They are now 7 and 0 with one more game at home next Thursday.  Tomorrow the pee wee's play their "playoff" game.  I'm not sure what that means at this level but that's a whole other story.  And today I head out with my Zeenie Beanie and we're shopping for pants.  The kid refuses to wear jeans and it's starting to get cold.  I've also tried basketball type pants.  He's not a fan of those either but will wear them if he has to.  I might even splurge for lunch, too. 
Anyway, this post has a purpose, too.  I joined Barefoot Book about two years ago (free, of course) and never pursued it.  Not sure why, just didn't.  I posted on this a few days ago too.  So...being a literacy advocate, especially for young children and families, this is really important to me.  Books are amazing tools!  Isn't there a quote that says "give a child a book and you give him the world"?  I don't know, it's something like that.  I don't have a kit, I don't have inventory, I do it all online.  I don't do home parties, I don't do shows.  I CAN, I just haven't.  Yet.  I WANT a kit, I just don't have it.  Yet. 

Have you ever wanted to do something like this?  You can sign up, it's easy, it's FREE and you can get a Children's World Atlas.  Go to www.ladybugjuly.barefootbooks.com and join my team.  You will get the free atlas and the opportunity to share the world with your children!


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