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He's stuck around for another year....

So tomorrow is our 17th anniversary.  It doesn't even seem possible that we could even be married for that long.  I feel like a young girl still.  Ok, except for the bifocal contacts, the diabetes, the high blood pressure and the memory loss.  I almost forgot to add the memory loss.  We usually go out to dinner and maybe do a little shopping.  Without kids.  Most of the time this is all we can manage because of schedules, money, kids, etc.  And that's ok.  We almost always exchange cards but I'm kind of iffy about cards.  I used to keep them all and then it got to be too much and so I started keeping just a special few and then I wondered why.  I come across them again only when I'm cleaning something out.  But I just keep on keeping the special ones. 

Today he said that he was remembering one song that kept playing when we first met and it reminds him of me.  It's Cranberries "Linger".  Another song that reminds him of me is Sixpence None the Richer's "Kiss Me".  He says it's because I always used to say that...Kiss me.  Kiss Me! 

It's all so innocent and cutesy I can't stand it!  :)  So I just you tube'd it and we're listening to it as I write this.  He's sitting across from me playing some computer "impale them with a stick" game.  It's all good. 

So Kiss Me....


  1. Mary said...:

    Happy Anniversary. It went by so fast. I remember like yesterday, the planning, buying your dress & veil. Getting your hair done 3 times to make sure it was perfect. Picking out the flowers with you and Steve. Oh the memories, thanks for letting me share your special day with you. I love you both.

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