wADmM5mNLtOv064mhMCS_CYE3Bc Just Dorothy: Halloween


I have a love/hate relationship with Halloween.  I'm a big, fat scaredy cat when it comes to, well, scary stuff.  Just the sound of a scary movie sends me over the edge.  If I see a part of it on t.v. forget it.  I will freak out and think about it and run it over and over in my head for weeks.  It truly sucks to be that worried and panicked about it. 

But I love all the dressed up little kids that come to my door and say "trick or treat" and you know it's their first time ever trick or treating!  They're all so cute and sweet.  Ryan doesn't trick or treat anymore and Zach is on the brink of being too old.  The kids that are in that in between age don't bother me, I understand why they still do it.  What bothers me though are the (very) young ladies of the night.  You know which ones I'm talking about.  They wear their mom's lingerie and heels bad, bad eye make up and red lipstick.  Why would anyone let their daughter out like that?! 

We used to have a lot of kids come over when we lived in AZ.  Crowds and crowds of kids.  Here, we're lucky if our doorbell rings more than 10 times.  We used to have big parties at our house for the kid's classrooms and we'd have a nice turn out with family and friends too.  We don't do that anymore either.  The boys are older and it's just not "cool", mom!  Jeez!  We don't have friends or family here to invite either so there just wouldn't be any point.  I miss it, sort of.  I also miss figuring out costumes for the boys.  Both boys have been dinosaurs, "army guys", one year Ryan was a werewolf, it was completely awesome.  It's the stuff of scrapbook pages!  Maybe one of these days I can do this stuff again when I have grandkids.  Not that I'm in any hurry or anything.


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