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It's a familiar feeling that I just don't like....

I've determined that I have a love/hate relationship with money.  I love to have it, hate to spend it.  I bet you are the same way, no?  Buying groceries every week is killing me!  I try to be choosy about what I put in the cart and it doesn't matter if it's a little or a lot, it's almost always at least $100 or more.  And it pisses me off, makes me physically queasy to know that I don't have a choice, I have to buy groceries!!! 

And it's not like it's convenient to get those groceries, either.  It's a 20+ mile trek just to get to the store if you need to buy anything more than milk or eggs.  One way.  So, we always make sure we have a plan, combine 2 trips into the one.  Like oil change and grocery shopping at the same time so we can multi-task.  Which leads me to the whole gas thing.  $70 to fill up today.  I was telling a much younger co-worker today that I could remember paying 99 cents a gallon when I was in high school.  An movies were a nickle! Haha, you get the idea. 

It's just my little vent today.  Damn supply and demand crap!


  1. hernimc22 said...:

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  1. Shelly said...:

    Hey there! I am your newest follower from the weekend blog hop (I am one of the hosts!)!! I am trying to play catch up on all the people to follow! SOOO with you on this!! I am trying to spend less money on groceries as possible and I hardly drive anywhere now a days! UGH!!!
    Anyway just wanted to stop by and say hi. I have three blogs I hope you will follow back!

    http://myowngrocerygame.blogspot.com/(blog hopping one)



  1. Greenacremama said...:

    Amen! and the packaging is shrinking as the prices are rising...go figure! but Happy Saturday! I am a new follower from the blog hop and I look forward to following your blog!...Hope u can come by for a visit! http://adventuresatgreenacre.blogspot.com

  1. stacey said...:

    I'm with ya on that one. YIKES. Maybe I should start eating less. Ha... no way!

  1. Jeannette said...:

    I'm so with you! And they are saying groceries and gas are going to keep going up. I'm going to start growing my own food and ride a horse - haha!

    Thank you for joining us for the Finding New Friends Weekend Blog Hop! I'm now following you! Please remember to join us again next Friday to find great new blogs and make new bloggy friends!


  1. mombo880 said...:

    I know!! I'm going to start a compost bin and grown my own goodies!

  1. Anonymous said...:

    And things are just getting more and more expensive. I DO remember when gas was under 40 cents a gallon - like 40 years ago. Was talking to my neighbor yesterday and he bought his house at $85,000 (middle class neighborhood in Ohio) 6 years ago - it's worth $55,000 now. the house across the street from us that belonged to an elderly woman just sold for $35,000 - 25 years ago we bought our home for $40,000 - I don't even want to know what I could sell it for today. Sad, sad, sad. Life is a journey and we're all along for the ride LOL

    Found you at one of the weekend hops and honestly I can't remember which one - hope you can follow me back to WynnieBee's Buzz By Sunday - still a newbie :D

    Well - try to have a good week anyway!

    Bee Seeing You

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