wADmM5mNLtOv064mhMCS_CYE3Bc Just Dorothy: It's a nice place to visit, but I sure wouldn't want to live there

It's a nice place to visit, but I sure wouldn't want to live there

The above is a working title.  The alternate title is, "You can never go home again" (by choice).  I'm writing this from my dad's office.  Hi Dad!!  I'm in Arizona now and it's hot.  It's crowded.  It's brown and it's dirty. 

Yesterday the news started with a jumper off the 43rd ave. overpass and a police shooting.  Then we went to the funeral.  It was completely AWESOME to see the entire family.  Cousins I haven't seen in years, Aunts, my Uncle.  Awesome!  However, I could totally bypass the heat.  And the traffic and the violence.  I also am a fan of green grass and trees. 

Yesterday some family that also lives out of state expressed their desire to move back home too.  But everyone agreed that we couldn't move back to the Phoenix area.  We'd all like to move north of Phoenix like Prescott or Flagstaff or even Cordes Junction or something.  Anywhere but here.  Those places would offer the best of both worlds.  Something to think about.  They will probably make it here before we will but they can pave the way.

Anyway, you can't go home again and ever have it be the same as it was before.  And that's ok.  I just want to be within decent driving distance to all of my family.  Eventually, we will ge there!


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