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Money Saving Maven

My friend at work had mentioned this show to me a month or so ago but I hadn't seen it or even heard of it.  Then last night.....it was like a hallalejua moment.  The Holy Grail of couponing!  I want to be known in my neighborhood as "The Crazy Coupon Lady".  Ok, maybe I prefer "Money Saving Maven".  Either way, I HAVE to jump on this bandwagon.

This one lady saved between $40 and $50 THOUSAND in the 2 years she's been doing this.  These women get anywhere between $500 to nearly $2000 worth of groceries for anywhere from $5 to $100.  I WANT TO BE THEM! 

With all my recent blog bitching about the cost of everything I think I really should do this.  Not really sure where to start.  It seems like a full time job, which I already have.  BUT, if I could spend $100 a month on groceries I could quit my job.  The stockpiles of these families were ah may zing and a bit obsessive and hoardish, but still....We should all be so lucky to have enough food and products on hand to sustain our families for a year or three should the need ever arise.  Right? 

Ok, sign me up, where do I start.  Someone, anyone, jump start me on this amazing thing called Extreme Couponing!!


  1. Kimberly said...:

    I've seen those before too! It's crazy...and it makes me super jealous! I want to start too, but so far I've only cut coupons from the newspaper on the weekends. If you find any tips on where to get started, let me know! :)

  1. Are You A Mom said...:

    I love your main pic...looks nice and warm...I'm still waiting for that here on the east coast ;)
    I am your newest follower...Please stop by and say hi Areyouamom.com

  1. houseofhansens said...:

    Hi ladies!!! I found you on the blog hop.. please follow back!! www.houseofhansens.blogspot.com
    Thank you!!!

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