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Feeling violated (and relieved)

So I did it.  After dreading it for ages and ages I had my first mammogram today. 

I had heard stories of flat as a pancake boobies and never had any desire to participate in that kind of thing.  But with advancements in medicine and the invention of digital mammography...it was a piece of cake!  Ok, not really a piece of cake because it still felt invasive to have some tech chick pick up a boob and plop it where she wanted to, pushing, pulling it into the postition she wanted.  Just very...odd.  And a relief to know that it wasn't as bad as I expected.  Pancakes are something you have for breakfast, not something your body is supposed to resemble!

Results will come in a week or so but for now, I'll just know that next year it's no big deal!

P.S. NOT what I look like!  I'd kill for that waistline!


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