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The Daily Grind

Arrived back last night after a blessed 3 and a half days with family.  Grandma had a beautiful service; wonderful stories were told, memories were shared and then of course we had great food at my parents house after.  Family was able to reconnect, catch up.  It was nice. 

After the formality of the funeral and all of that, we got to have fun.  It's so weird to say that together and it makes me feel bad, like saying I had a good time with all this sadness and grief.  But in all reality, grandma was more than ready to go.  She had been saying since February that she wanted to go home and be with Jesus.  She was 87.  So I'm sad to see her pass away, yes, but I'm also happy because she lived a long, great life.  She was someone to celebrate.  And she's happy now, no more pain, no more weakness, no more confusion.  She's whole and complete and surrounded in heaven by more of our angels.  There isn't much to grieve!

With that being said, we got down to the business of wedding stuff for Amy.  I got to see the venue for the wedding.  It will look awesome when all the tables, chairs, linens and centerpieces are in the gallery.  I got to try falafel at a middle eastern deli.  Not my favorite.   It was ok but I don't think I'd order it a second time.  Liked the lemonade and the greek salad though.  Got to hang with my favorite nephews, Matthew, Mason and Sambo.  I LOVE those kids!  Matty is my matching "red".  Also got my birthday mega exciting event planned for the Duce.  I think.  And....I got a facial by one of my dear, dear friends DeAnna over at Par Exsolance at City Scapes in downtown Phoenix.  Me and a special someone went and got them and it was tons of fun.  I have pictures but promised I wouldn't post them.  He's a cool guy and has a reputation to maintain so I'll have to restrain myself and not post them.  I won't.  Post. Them.  As bad as I want to...I won't. 

So, here's to Grandma and her toast.  Thanks for the legacy.


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