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Today was a good day

I got a phone call this morning from the 4H office.  They told me that someone had given $500 towards his CWF Washington trip!  He knows this couple and they have spent time together going to games and things.  They are friends of friends and they apparently adore him!!  He's easy to adore, but I'm biased :)  It was a wonderful surprise that brought tears to my eyes.  There ARE beautiful people in this world!  Now if he'd just stop putting happy faces on the dog with permanent marker....

Zach told me he wanted to cuddle with me and watch tv when I got home and make monkey bread.  Done and done!  It's that kind of day, drizzly, cold, gray.  A monkey bread kind of day. 


  1. Anonymous said...:

    WooHoo - love it - love it - love it. They really do exist - good people that is - and kiddo you and Zach fit right in that category - congratulations!

  1. mombo880 said...:

    Awww, thanks Miss Wynnie!

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