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Sum..sum...summer time!

So, it's not officially summer yet.  But it sure feels like it here.  Temps are over 100 degrees and we are out of school.  Summer in Arizona doesn't go by a calendar.  We have 2 whole months off, all of June and all of July.  Since I work for the school that means I get that break, too.  It's kind of nice.  I made a list, of course I made a list, of the things I hope to accomplish this summer, a "summer bucket list" of sorts.  Some are random, some are simple, some are rather dull and are more like chores and some are, hopefully, capable of recharging my very low batteries.  I will now bore you with some of the list.

I'd like to get into a workout routine, hitting the gym 3 days a week or doing the C25K (couch to 5K) and have it stick with me so that when school starts again I will be in the habit of just doing it.

I have a kiddo starting his senior year of high school in the fall.  I really need to work on his scrapbook, for which is just bought new paper!  Just don't tell Steve I bought more scrapbook paper.  He thinks I have enough.  I also need to make a shirt in support of his senior football year.  Oh the pressure!!

I want to do at least 2 more fun projects.  Just. For. Fun.

It's my goal to post to the blog at least 45 days this summer. 

Take more pictures.

I also want to be more informed about diabetes and organize my walking team and fundraising team and really get it going.

It's also a goal to get the boys out of town, even if it's just for day trips.  Ryan has football practice but should have a day off during the week.  We'll run up to Prescott or Sedona or some little town off the highway and just explore, get out of the heat. 

The rest of the things on my to-do list are the chore things like go through our closets and get all the stuff that doesn't fit and donate it, and clean out the cupboards.  BORING.  But, I've got time!

Starting in the fall we go non-stop with work and school and boys' activities and then the holidays.  And, I will be starting college classes again in the fall I think, so I will be even busier.  These next few months will be low key and relaxed.  I can only hope :)


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