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Jalapeno Poppers

In our special dealio we got this weekend on the veggies, we got a ton of jalapenos.  We have made them before but choose large ones since they are not quite as hot.  Mostly.  The ones we got this time are small to medium.  Let's just call them exactly what they are. 


Steve and Zach cut the jalapeno's in half, removed the seeds and the vein.  It was Zach's first time helping and he regretted it once the inside of his nose was burning.  Once they were done I decided to try.  The first one had some heat.  The second one made me want to die.  If you care to try, here's the recipe:

Jalapeno's , cut in half length-wise, seeds removed
Cream cheese (you can even used the pineapple flavored stuff which makes it extra groovy)

Once jalapeno's are cut and seeded, spread cream cheese in the pepper and wrap with a slice of bacon.  If the peppers are small, cut the bacon in half before wrapping.  Bake for half an hour at 375 degrees. 

Have milk handy in case you need to relieve that burning sensation!


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