wADmM5mNLtOv064mhMCS_CYE3Bc Just Dorothy: He's eyeballing me...

He's eyeballing me...

Steve is off today.  I'm a lucky girl.  I really am but in this case I think my sarcasm isn't coming through. 

A few minutes ago I wrote a post about Ryan, "Beard Boy".  The kids I watch are sleeping so, even though he's sitting right across from me, he texts me.

"You never blog about me... Why?" 

"I do too."

"No you don't...And don't ever, ever throw your hands up like that at me again..like your some Italian mom or something".

My responding text had to do with his not properly using "you're".  And it included "piss off".


"If you really want me to, I will blog about you"

"Piss off?...really?"

"She said in the nicest voice ever.  Even batted her eyes"

"Ok fine.  I'm never talking to you again...not even if there is a fire."


So he's still sitting across from me.  Eyeballing me.  If the kids weren't sleeping I'd do a flying karate kick straight to his jugular.

Actually, not that long ago I said, "here, I'm going to jump to you, you catch me, ok?" 

I trusted him. 

I jumped, bounced and landed on the floor. 


Happy reading, Steve!  :0)


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