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So many sad, weird things in the news today.  And so many pathetic news makers too.  There is a story on the web right now about a dog and her owner that is absolutely heart breaking.  The dog is old and has problems with her spine making it very difficult to walk.  He feeds her by hand because she can't move well.  His family said their goodbye's, including 2 little boys, and he took her in to be euthanized.  The doctor gives her the shot and he takes her home to be buried in the family's backyard.  He goes to dig the hole and several hours later he goes to get the dog.  She's STANDING up, obviously alive!!!  Now he doesn't have the heart to put her down again.  Or the money.  It's so unbelievably sad.  And she's still not well.  The recent suicides of young men and women that are bullied in person and bullied on the internet.  Just sad and wrong on so many levels.  Then the stories that are just stupid, that actually make the "news".  "The Situation" gets booted off "DWTS"...who cares?!  The latest Brangenlina story??  Really? 
But the great news today, the miracle for today...the rescue of all 33 Chilean miners!  Now, that is newsworthy.  Thank God for the miracle!


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