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21 Things I Like About Me....

I am having a pity party for myself.  I don't really want to do that so I'm trying to turn the negative thoughts into positive ones.  So I decided that I would pick a random number and make myself list that many things that I like about me and my life.  Here goes *in no particular order*:
1.   my name
2.   my hair
3.   my husband
4.   my Ryan
5.   my Zach
6.   my painted toenails
7.   my friends
8.   my family
9.   my dogs
10. my taste in television
11. my taste in books
12. my SUV
13. my job (mostly)
14. my sense of humor
15. my house (most of it)
16. my ability to rock the "hooker boot" look!
17. my caring heart
18. my randomness
19. my curiosity
20. my laugh
21. my eyelashes

Can you pick a number and list the things you like about yourself??  Try it!


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