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The Jig is Up!

So the other day I took the boys out to lunch for one last "hurrah" before school starts and I return to work this next week.  The lunch was expensive and not worth the cost at all but the company was priceless!  I enjoy hanging out with my boys.  They are interesting, tell great stories (although they've inherited the "curse" of our family where it takes forfreakinever to tell a story) and are funny. 

As we're sitting there waiting for our lunch Zach starts to tell me about a dream he had the night before and the night before that.  Apparently it was so good it continued over two nights!  Anyway from the time we sat down until the time we were served it was an hour and it took him this long to tell me about the dream.  He starts telling me about Old Peculiar and his daughter Isabelle Peculiar and her ship The Black Pimple.  He's so serious when he tells me this that I start laughing.  He looks at me in total seriousness and says, "Mom, this does NOT go on Facebook!  And you can't blog about it!" 

So, I will stop right there and not say anything more about his dream although I'd really like to share it.  It was sooooo cool!  Such imagination this kid has!  It makes me sad that the jig is up, though.  The boys are on to me, give me instructions on what can and cannot be shared on FB or on the blog.  I don't think they've actually ever even read my stuff so I'm not sure they would know.  But it's their private stories to tell, not mine, and if they don't want me to share I won't.  Even if it is a little "Peculiar". :)


  1. 247Mama said...:

    Following from the Wild Card Weekend Hop! My son takes forfreakinever to tell a story too and my daughter constantly says please don't say that on FB or don't put that pic on the blog Mom! They learn so quick! :)

  1. TwinsWithTots said...:

    waiting for the day they tell me "dont put that on the blog mom." Until then, I can still share their greatness.
    Thanks for letting me find you through the WIld Card Weekend. Looking forward to you checking out my site as well and hope you'll follow back.

  1. Mikki said...:

    Love your writing style! Following now so I can read more about you and your family.

    Found you through Wild Card and hope you'll consider a follow back at http://momsbestnest.blogspot.com/

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