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Happy New Year!

Is it just me or does the beginning of the school year feel more like the "new year" than January 1st? 

When I was a kid the start of the school year felt more celebratory than counting down the hours, minutes, seconds til the new year.  We finished up the summer vacations, shopped for new clothes, new school supplies, anticipated which teacher you'd end up with, dying to find out which friends shared which classes.  It was so exciting!  Nerdy, but exciting. 

I still feel the same way.  There is such anticipation for school/fall at the end of summer.  For instance, today is the first official day of football practice for Ryan.  It's the ultimate sign for us that summer is nearly over and fall is right around the corner.  Just last night we were all saying how we couldn't wait to be sitting in the stands watching the game with our friends and waiting to pull out the blankets to cover our laps.  Sometimes there is a light misty rain at games.  It's lovely.

So the boys are not as excited as I am about summer ending, naturally, but I've made them get their back packs ready, full of new school supplies.  They've reluctantly gotten new clothes.  I don't know what it is about these boys but they really don't care to have new clothes for school.  "I can just wear what I had last year, it's no big deal.  Who cares besides you, Mom?"  I guess it's better than having girls who constantly need/want/beg for new stuff.  And they've been put back on the school routine.  Zach absolutely hates it.  My little night owl is being made to go to bed at 10pm.  Boo hoo.  He's gonna have to suck it up and just do it.  But past experience tells me I'm beating a dead horse and he's not going to get on a routine/schedule until we are well into the 2nd week of school.  Oh well, he's a big boy, a smart kid, he can figure it out. 

Anyway, 9 more days til school starts and "we" are super happy about that!


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