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And So it Begins. Or...How I Must Wear the Jersey of Shame

So, it's football season again.  There are reasons this is a good thing and reasons this is a bad thing.  I don't understand much of the game but I know that I absolutely love watching my kids play.  Whether it's high school ball for our oldest or Optimist ball for our youngest, I get a big kick out of watching them out on that field.  I love sitting in the stands cheering with other spectators if they are doing well and, well cheering them on even if they are doing not so good.  I get super peeved when there is a bad call or the refs seem to favor the other team.  They aren't supposed to but sometimes you can just tell.  Ahem....

But here's one bad thing about it.  I'm highly competitive about a game I don't completely understand.  Duh, not the smartest move, right?  My husband and boys are big San Diego Chargers fans.  I don't really have a favorite team but I do like the Cardinals, mostly because it's home town team and I feel I have to root for someone.  But also because I really like what Kurt Warner and Larry Fitzgerald brought to the team.  Now Warner is gone but Fitzgerald is so good that with the right QB again they can have another great season and will be fun to watch instead of the embarrassing team they had been since they made the moved to Arizona. 

Anyway, last night in a preseason game the Chargers played at Arizona.  Steve and I made a little wager on who would win.  Naturally, he took the Bolts, I took the Cards.  I wanted to make a bet that had him posting this on Facebook:  My wife is always right, I am always wrong.  Cardinals rule, Chargers drool.  I was willing to do the same IF the Chargers won, but since I knew they wouldn't it didn't really matter.  He didn't want to take that bet but instead made this one:  If the Chargers won I would wear a Chargers jersey during the next game and cheer them on and if the Cardinals won he would wear my lovely #13 Kurt Warner tshirt that lovingly hangs in my closet in a place of honor.  Ok, just kidding, it's kind of shoved towards the back, but still.  So I take that bet since he will NOT agree to the the rule/drool one.  We didn't get the game but I watched with interest the running scores at the bottom of NFL Total Access while watching the Texans mash the 49'ers into the ground, with who, of all former AZ QB's?  Matt Leinart (or however you spell his name).  He who did absolutely nothing for the Cards the whole time he was there, took the Texans to the win.  I'm calling BS on that one.  Ahem...again.

Anyway, there I am trying not to fall asleep, keeping my eyes peeled for the score running along the bottom just so I could wake Steve up and gloat (it was about midnight our time) because the WHOLE freakin game the Cards lead.  Until the last minute or two of the game.  And then...and then.  Fast forward to this morning.  He's at work.  He texts me this:  "Well, guess u will be wearing my chargers jersey i would like to see you in it."

At least I didn't have to see his face when he said it.  At least I didn't have to put Cards drool on FB.  At least all I have to do is Wear the Jersey of Shame.


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