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As of today...

I've lost 23 lbs since last summer.  Sounds like a long time to lose 23 lbs.  And it is.  However....

From the end of May last year until August last year I lost roughly 19 pounds.  I was obsessively weighing myself (6 times a day or more) and getting really frantic about it.  And then work started back up and I reverted to my old ways of Pepsi, Pepsi and more Pepsi.  I had been "clean" all summer.  So, about 10 lbs or so slowly came back from August to May.

Then, at the end of May this year, I swore of Pepsi (it's like heroin to me) and drank tons and tons of water and tea.  I drank nearly 4 qts of tea a day.  Unusual, no?  I dropped about 10 lbs in a matter of weeks.  Turns out, I have diabetes but I can't complain about the jump start.  Since my diagnosis on July 1st, I've lost another 4 lbs, so about a pound a week.  Not great, but I'm also not exercising (I know, I know) and I've heard it is difficult to get rid of weight once you are on diabetes medication (at least the pills I take, I'm not on insulin).  So....I'm still a giant girl but it's slowly coming off and if I can ever get motivated to work out it would be even better.  I already feel better!  I just want to look better too.  It's a start. 


  1. Linus and Lulu said...:

    Great job on your weight loss---I am working on losing weight too---but it is hard!!! My love of baked goods is a real problem.
    Funny that you are a preschool director, I am a preschool music teacher. We have inservice the week of the 15th then we go back to work after labor day. I love my job but I sure do love my summer break! Thanks for stopping by my blog, com back any time. :)
    Linus and LuLu http://garciamania.blogspot.com

  1. Tie Dye Grrl said...:

    Keep up the good work :)

    Healthy = Happy

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