wADmM5mNLtOv064mhMCS_CYE3Bc Just Dorothy: Memory


Have I mentioned that memory loss is a sign of aging and that I have it?  I think I have.  But I can't quite remember.  Anyway.  It is and I have it and it's hereditary apparently because my 14 year old has it too.  So does the 11 year old.  I say, "Ryan, is there anything I need to see, sign or know about for school tomorrow?".  And he'll say, "No, Mom.  I'm good!"  Fast forward to right before bed.  "Mom, I forgot.  You need to sign my progress reports."  Or, "Mom, I have an early practice tomorrow morning and I need to be there by 6."  He tells me this right before I go to bed when I've already done my "hurray!!" for the sleeping in I was going to get to do.  Then Zach.  "Oh yeah, I need a package of cookies for school tomorrow for our pebble party." Really?  It's almost 10 and all the stores close at 10.  I think I'm going to get those little voice recorders for the 3 of us and make us utter everything, everything into those and trade with each other as soon as we get home so we can listen to everything we'd normally forget to tell the other person. 


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