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Baby Jesus Hotdog and Baby Jesus Peanut

Have I told anyone lately how much I love, love, loved the whole preschool/kindergarten experience with my kids?  Both boys went to Trinity preschool and really love the whole experience and their teachers.  I loved hearing all the christian songs and just listening to Ryan recite what he had heard that day, like Jesus being buried in the "tube" and going to heaven.  I didn't have the heart to tell him it was actually called a tomb until a few days later.  I just kept wanting him to retell me the story of the tube!  Anyway, at Christmas time they always made the most adorable ornaments and gifts for their families.  The first year Ryan made an angel out of a teeny tiny picture of his face and a pipe cleaner halo, one white doilie and a gold doilie.  The next year he made what we call the Baby Jesus Hotdog.  It's a piece of pink paper wrapped in a small paper plate to represent the baby Jesus wrapped in swaddling clothes.  It looks like a hot dog in a bun.  Then it was Zach's turn a few years later.  He bestowed upon us the baby Jesus peanut.  Yep, a peanut in the shell with 2 little eyes drawn on and a tiny piece of felt tied around it.  It lays in a yarn bed in a toilet paper tube cut in half.  These two things are usually the first put on the tree and the last to be taken off the tree.  I carefully place them in the ornament box so that they don't get damaged.  Someday I want to pass them along to them so they can put them on their own trees! 


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