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You suck at parenting....

Ok, I've been going back and forth on this blog topic because I don't want anyone that actually reads "me" to be offended or think it is specifically about them.  Because it's not.  Promise.  It is about lack of parental responsibility.  Lack of caring about your own precious children. 

Being in education, even at the preschool level, we hear a LOT of things.  Most we know (or really, really hope) are made up stories or gross exaggerations.  Like when one child tells us there are weeds and mushrooms growing in his basement.  And another little one tells us her mom spent the weekend in jail.  Deep breath, let it go.  Of course, some we can't ignore but that's another blog entirely. 

What really pisses me off and makes me all judgy and crap is when you blame ringworm on our fine establishment.  Even though we have no animals in the facility and the last time I was in your gross, disgusting, filthy pigsty of a house, you had 2 indoor/outdoor cats eating from your kitchen sink, not to mention the 12 or so inbred outside cats that were practically begging to be put out of their limping, cross-eyed misery, you blame your child's ringworm on us. 

And then there are the ones that want to get all pissy because you don't want their sick kid in class even though they just told you that the whole family has had flaming diarrhea and projectile vomiting within the last 12 hours.  Don't get me started on the ones that are all up in your face for a reason that I just can't bring up.  And the ones that think you nitpick every little thing. 

I'm sorry, but we're responsible for 17 other families besides yours.  We must think of their welfare, too.  If your kid has diarrhea running down her leg at school and we call you it's not because we just want to get rid of her.  It's because A. she's now completely mortified to be at school after shitting her pants, B. she's most likely coming down with something and we would like to keep it from spreading to the other families and to our own families.  Because if we can't make it to school, guess what?  We don't HAVE school. 

I get it that having small children is not always easy, not always fun.  But when you act indifferent towards your kid, I'm gonna judge you.  When you can't tell anyone what you actually like about your daughter without seriously being prompted, I'm going to judge you, too.  I know it's not easy to be put on the spot and you feel like you might say the wrong thing.  Been there, done that.  But once you think about it and get the ball rolling, it should be hard to stop the words flowing on how spectacular your kid is! 

So, that's my judgy blog on lack of parental responsibility. I could go on and on but.... ehh.  If any of our school parents are reading this, please know it's not about YOU!  Promise.  And please know this is MY blog and my opinion, not anyone else's at the facility or within the program. 


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