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The one where I go psycho and tell you how I really feel....

I seriously, seriously dislike my husband's family.  Those bitches have been telling lies about us for the last 4 1/2 years and I'm fed up.  When I hear the new lie come up I get really defensive and I want to call them out, punch them in their big nose faces and kick their super fat asses.  Huge. Honkin. Beaks. Super. Fat. Asses. 

Once I calm down I try to rationalize why I won't do exactly that.  (A). not worth my time or the bail money, (B) they aren't worth the drive to Kearney, or wherever it is they live now, and (C) I'm so much better than that and refuse to let them make me feel that way.  But mostly it's A. Definitely A.  Especially the bail money part.

Apparently we see them in the grocery store or the mall all the time (despite the fact we live at least 25 miles away from the nearest grocery store or mall) and turn our noses up at them.  They try to say hi and start a conversation but we simply shake our heads, ignore them and walk on by.  We have NEVER done that!  But I can guarantee I will now.  According to them, this has happened several times and when it does they call my mother in law to "tattle" on us.  Pathetic. 

Some people have no drama in their lives and feel the need to create it.  Whatever, just leave me out of it.  What really bothers me though is the fact that they don't even know me.  They barely know my husband.  When we moved here a little over 4 years ago they came by maybe twice.  We went to the wedding of one and the birthday for the other one's little girl.  And that's about it.  Other than that we haven't seen them, don't talk to them by phone or by social media so unless my mother in law is talking about us to them, they don't have access to information about us or what is going on in our lives. 

I think the next time I hear about one of these lies being told about us, I will track down a phone number and confront them with this.  If they're gonna talk about me anyway, might as well give them something to actually talk about. 


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