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This week's good stuff

My menu planning is sporadic at best but I love doing it.  We don't live and die by the menu but it sure makes it easier to at least have an idea of what we're doing.  This week will be a little rough because I won't be here 2 nights to make dinner.  I hate having to go out of town for work.  I can throw some things in the slow cooker I suppose.  Anyway, in no particular order...

Grilled pork chops with side of baked beans and potatoes
Buffalo chicken pizza with side salad
Hamburgers with potato side
Southwest chicken and steamed veggies
Garlic spaghetti with side salad
Tacos with side of black beans, tomatoes & cilantro

If the wind doesn't pick up again this week, we should be able to grill out a lot, like the chops, the pizza, the hamburgers and the taco meat. 

What are your menu plans this week?


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