wADmM5mNLtOv064mhMCS_CYE3Bc Just Dorothy: Spring break?

Spring break?

I wish all of life followed the school calendar.  I'd still have 3 more days off, time to read, surf the net, catch up on the ol' blog.  But I don't.  The boys do.  So...time to put their little butts to work. 

Yeah, right.

The boys and I did get to go out of town, if only for one day.  We left early Friday morning and headed into Lincoln to cheer the Minden basketball boys on at State.  Wow, talk about crowded little town!  But it was fun.  We headed out at 6am, watched the game, checked into the hotel, went shopping, went swimming, met with friends and had dinner at this cool place called Lazlo's where Zach ate what is called a "Widow Maker".  He's 12.  I told him he should have his own show called "Kid vs. Food".  I think he could totally give Adam Richman a run for his money.  And after that he still had room for fro-yo. 

Visited a store called "Licorice International".  Guess what they sell there?  Zach decided it would be fun to try licorice root.  I think I will let him guest post on my blog and let you know how that worked out.  Ryan bought chocolate covered espresso beans.  Back to the hotel room we went where he proceeded to eat one while sitting on the bed.  Somehow, some way choclolate got on the bleachy, bleachy pure white sheet and pillowcase.  I left a note for housekeeping on the little note pad they leave there for you...."Sorry about the CHOCOLATE mess!"

Being in the "big city" of Lincoln got us geared up for making the move back to Phoenix.  Traffic, traffic, traffic, sirens.  Diversity.  A shopping mall with more than 10 stores and 1 story.  Really good restaurants, a night life (not that the boys would know about night life, but at least we SAW it!).  I can't say I want to go back to all of that, but I want to go back to most of it.  I like big city.  I like little town.  It's a complicated dilema. 

Anyway, it was just nice to get away and shake off some of this cabin fever, see something different for a change. 


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