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Weekend Randomness...

Went hiking yesterday by myself.  One more reason I love living in EMR: several trails to choose from.  Anyway, I had my earphones in, listening to music, and I thought of every single murder mystery show I've ever watched where they always find the girl buried in a shallow grave because some maniac is waiting on the trail, sees the perfect opportunity and attacks.  And I thought about how I couldn't hear if anyone were to come up behind me because of my earphones.  Just then, out of the corner of my eye, I see someones shadow behind me.  I jumped and turned around really fast, like a ninja ready to fight to the death if I had to.  I think I scared him a little, this man on his mountain bike.  "Good morning!" I say a little to loudly and scootch over to the side of the trail to let him pass. 

Further up the trail, about a mile in, I keep thinking I want to go further but being all by myself it's probably not a good idea.  I'm seriously bad with directions (yes, Steve has me on Life360 so he can "map" me and direct me home, if needed) and get turned around very easily.  And it was getting steep and I thought, if I fall and break an ankle or something, no one will ever find me and I'll die out here.  So, I kept going, naturally.  About another half mile.  And then I hear men sing "Row, Row, Row Your Boat".  Boot campers of some sort on the mountain with me, but on the other side, on a different trail.  They got through it three times and couldn't quite get the cadence down so they stopped.  I finally turned around and kept to the trail all the way back down.  Turns out I would have been fine if anything had happened. By the time I was heading down, there were 6 more people on the trail.  Popular little place!

So this morning, I'm taking Steve, against his will, to the trail.  He told me last night, "I'm such a sucker for you", so I'm taking full advantage of it!


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