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I think I'm dying....

It's November in Arizona.  It's 91 degrees in November in Arizona.  This sucks.  The mornings are nice a chilly, enough to wear a sweater.  Or not.  By lunch time kids out on the playground have red cheeks, are sweating and are crabby due to the heat.  So are teachers.  And librarians. 

It's hard to feel festive and autumnal when it's in the 90's.  I'd almost kill for rain right now.  Maybe I should move to England where I hear it rains all the time.  I hear Germany gets a lot of rain, too. 

Certainly something to think about....



  1. Mary said...:

    It's coming this weekend, the cool down. Just remember you won't have 2 feet of snow, blowing wind and ice to deal with. Trade offs.

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