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Thank you!

Monday is Veteran's Day.  Facebook will be flooded with posts thanking veterans in general and veterans specifically.  I have a few to thank personally. 

Thanks to my amazing husband, Steve, for his service in the Army and then the National Guard.  I'm happy he's out, but proud of his service. 

Thank you to my brother-in-law Kevin.  Currently serving in Afghanastan, due home in December.  Can't wait to see him again!!  Thanks to my sister Amy, for holding everything together at home while he's gone.  You are very brave, Mim!

Thank you to Jordan Stanton, for making the ultimate sacrifice.  I've never met you, but I've heard lots of stories and great things about you.  I pray for peace for your family.  I know they are proud of you and miss you. 

Thanks to my groovy cousins Spencer, currently serving in Japan in the Air Force, and Valarie for her service in the Air Force, too!

I appreciate all of you, the sacrafices you've made, the sacrafices your family has made, to keep our country safe.  Please stay safe, and those currently serving overseas, please come home soon.  We love and miss you!


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