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Boys of Fall

Boys of Fall

EFHS Football banquet last night marks the official end of football season.  It's bittersweet.  So glad the grueling schedule is over, both for Ryan and for us.  But I love watching those kids play.  They play with heart and passion and integrity.  They are held accountable for their actions as individuals and as a team.  They are applauded both as individuals and as a team.  They've played in blazing heat and chilly weather.  They've ran miles and miles and done countless up-downs and 55's and spent many, many hours in the weight room.  This link, Kenny Chesney's Boys of Fall, highlights everything football should be about.  From little PeeWee players to highly paid NFL pros. 

Next year, Ryan's senior year, I can't even think about it without getting emotional.  When he walks that field for the last time on Sr. night with his dad and I....I can't even finish that thought.  Every year he has debated back and forth about not playing and has always made the decision to stick with it.  He has played through illness and injury except when I pulled the Mom card and made him sit out for one game.  He has had awesome coaches and he's had men who should never be allowed to call themselves coach.  Each has taught Ryan, and us, something.  They've created learning experiences for those kids, good and bad. 

As soon as Ryan graduates, Zach will start his freshman year.  I have 5 more years as a football mom.  I'm in for the long haul and I couldn't be happier.

Congrats, Wolves on your banner, on being section CHAMPS for the first time ever!  You should all be very, very proud.  I know your parents are.


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