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Vegan Lip Butter ~ Nature's Garden Candles

Recently, I was one of the lucky blogs chosen to receive a kit from Nature's Garden Candles.  It was like Christmas opening that package, I had no idea what I was going to get.  Vegan Lip Butter is what I got!

The kit comes with the following:
Candelilla wax
Coconut oil
Cocoa butter
Vitamin E oil
Flavoring (mine came with Black Cherry Boom)
Stevia sweetener
Lip tint (mine came with Prissy Pink)
16 lip balm pots
Plastic tansfer Pipettes

I was a little worried when I first opened the package.  Due to the extreme Arizona heat, some of my oils were a little mushy and or flat out melted.  I waited for them to reconstitute a bit (the next day!) and got started melting them again.  I wanted to be sure to start out as close to how they were originally sent as possible.  Anyway...

I have never worked with some of these oils and I never used color.  I LOVE IT!  This is so smooth and silky with just a hint of color. 

The kit gives you everything you need and an instruction sheet.  Follow those directions and you get this:

A silky, smooth Vegan Lip Butter with a hint o' color and a bold Black Cherry Boom flavor.  If you are a novice and interested in creating wonderful, good smelling, useful products, definitely go with a kit from Nature's Garden Candles.  Even if you are experienced, you seriously can't go wrong with a kit.  It makes it super simple and gives you a wonderful product!


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