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Oh, ye of little pop culture knowledge!

So the other day I woke Ryan up to go to weights for football.  I said, "Come on Ryan.  Time to make the donuts."  His reaction... "What?!"  It was too early and I was too tired to explain.  This morning the same thing happened.  And I thought, how sad that this young generation doesn't know about Fred the Baker from Dunkin Donuts or "Where's the Beef" lady, Clara Peller from Wendy's.

I realize that with technology and progress and all that other stuff, commercials have to change, marketing has to be different.  But I think some things were better then than they are now.  McDonald's commercials come to mind.  Way better back then.  Same with Charmin commercials.  "Don't Squeeze the Charmin!"  Now there are talking bears that, apparently, shit in the woods.  "School House Rock" was never the same when they tried to revamp it recently.  "I'm Just a Bill" just can't be redone, retooled or remastered.  I've tried to explain that, yes, the commercials from back then are really, really cheesy but better than what they are now but they just don't get it.  If Dunkin Donuts brought back Fred the Baker with the "Time to Make the Donuts" slogan, I don't think it'd be as funny for them now as it was for us then.  Not that I think they should try to bring stuff like that back.  It's just kind of a generational thing. 

Remember Madge the Manicurist shilling Palmolive Dish Detergent?  Calgon, Take Me Away!  Got ring around the collar?  Use the Ancient Chinese Secret! Spuds McKenzie sold beer and 2 old guys hawked wine coolers ~ Bartles and James. 

So, for all my fellow 70/80's kids here's a stroll down memory lane through pictures I boosted from Google images.  Enjoy your trip through the way back machine!  Oh, and whatever happened to Pudding Pops??  I miss those!


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