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Attack of the Zombies!

Ok, so what's up with this cannibal/zombie attack in Miami?  I'm not making light of it, it's definitely a tragedy for both families and all the responders and witnessess.  I mean, how do you ever forget seeing something like that?  It's disturbing, disgusting and flat out weird.  And of course the media is running rampant with ideas, theories, and sensationalism. 

My kids are convinced though, that this is the beginning of the zombie apocolyps.  Seriously!  Anyone that has ever been around my boys (and some of their friends!) knows that zombies are a huge topic for them.  They even have a plan.  IF (when!) the zombie apocolyps happens we are all supposed to head to Cole's house because his family has lots of guns.  The boys will hang out on the roof picking the zombies off one by one as they try to approach the house.  I'm not expected to survive.  In fact, they've said they think I'll be the first one to go.  It's ok, I'm realistic about the whole thing.  I WANT to be the first to go if a zombie apocolyps happens.  Who really wants to deal with all that?  Not this girl. 


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