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DIY Magnetic Board

So I've been on Pinterest and seeing some really cool DIY stuff that I've been dying to try out.  One of them was a flat (no edges) cookie sheet from the dollar store, painted, papered, etc and used as a magnetic board.  Our nearest dollar store didn't have flat cookie sheets but they had pizza pans.  It's not really big or very thick.  In fact, I don't think I'd use it as a pizza pan at all.  Anyway...

Then I had hubby drill two holes so I could add ribbon to hang.  Spray painted it blue (school colors as it will be used in my new office at the school, natch)....

Added ribbon to the top to hang and rubber stamped in white "Bloom Where You're Planted near the ribbon.  Then add stamped flowers, again in white. 

I should have just stuck with a few flower stamps, got a little carried away.  But!  I can cover it with paper cut to size.  Or! Use it for it's intended purpose as a magnetic board and cover it with pictures and various notes/artwork, etc.  I bought two anyway so now I can just perfect it, right?!


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