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Change is good!

So there have been a lot of changes for the Heaster family lately.  Some are really nice.  Some are not nice.  Some have been a real challenge.  Maybe challenge is too strong.  Let's say they've been emotionally challenging and very disappointing. 

School is going well.  Except for math.  Math sucks for me.  Period.

Summer is here and we are all stuck inside, voluntarily of course, because who wants to be outside in 108 degrees?  Not this girl.  Ever.  But then, I don't like to be outside in 90.  I'm a wuss when it comes to heat.

We ditched several "necessary" luxuries.  We no longer have very expensive phone plans.  Our contract couldn't end soon enough with Verizon.  Less than impressed and sorry I ever got into a contract with them.  Hindsight, right?  So now that we are free to do what we want we ditched iPhones (yay), went back to Android (yay) on Virgin Mobile non contract.  For way, way less a month and we are not obligated to anyone for anything.  Savings of about $2700 a year.  Pure joy!!  Shove it Verizon!

We also cut our cable umbilical cord.  Ok, it was actually satellite cord.  Now that we live down the hill where the reception is way better, we can use antenna to get regular broadcast TV.  For FREE.  We do pay for Netflix and it's under $10 a month.  After all is said and done we will save about $900 a year.  It has taken some getting used to but I'm not really that bothered by it.  Personally it was used as background while I was doing other things.  The shows that I did actually watch were mostly on broadcast channels and what I watched on cable networks can be watched online now.  For Ryan it's been a little harder and when the Walking Dead comes back on he will probably go elsewhere to watch it.  Oh well.  I'm saving $900 a year!  Shove it Directv!

We opted not to keep our phones and our satellite because of the expense but also because it just makes me mad that we have to pay for stuff like that.  And pay a lot!  And for what, really?  There is some good, quality programming on TV and some good series on cable networks but mostly it's garbage.  Most of the cable programming is designed around "freak show" people.  People that sadly exist in this world only because we give them audience.  Not because they've ever done anything worthwhile.  Not saying you can't watch something for guilty pleasure or anything, but does anyone need to watch 4 programs designed around some asshole people outbidding each other on storage lockers? Or 3 shows about pawn shops?  Do we really need one more program featuring a Kardashian?  I also understand having to pay for your smartphone capability.  But for me personally, I text and check email.  That isn't worth what I was paying.  I think it's a bit outrageous what they charge.  Maybe I'm just being cheap but I don't see the point of paying quite that much for some of those things. 

We bought a house.  I don't even want to talk about the process. That would be the emotionally challenging part.   And the disappointing part.  The process, that is.  But...the house feels good.  Our master bedroom is huge!  And I love it.  We have mature fruit trees in the back complete with bird's nest in our fig tree.  I'm not sure what to do with figs but will figure it out.  Or it could just be bird food for all I care.  There's plenty, more than enough to share.  I'm really looking forward to the lemons and limes coming in though.  The pomegranates will be fabulous!  We are looking into more fruit trees for 2 or 3 more spots we have.  Will see how that works out. 

Zach graduated from 8th grade and Ryan graduated from high school.  We couldn't be more proud of both of them.  For what they've accomplished and what they've grown into.  I can't wait to see the men they become.  Zach will be a freshman this coming fall and will play football and Ryan is going to college.  He knows what he wants to do in life and he's making it happen.  He works full time and is responsible.   They both are wonderful, caring, capable human beings and it's been my honor and pleasure to be their mother.  Except when they fight and fart.  Then I just want them both to find new homes. 

Last year I challenged myself to keep up with my blog and create 45 posts over summer.  I ended with 30 something.  I'd really like to try again.  I have a lot to say, things I want to post but don't because they are "controversial" and I don't like that kind of dialog.  I want to state my opinion and I want "you" to quietly agree or disagree but I don't want to have a conversation about it.  Comments would be welcome but mostly they tend to be disrespectful and mean and then it pisses me off and then I feel bad about it.  Not about my post but about being provoked into being pissed off on MY blog that is full of MY thoughts and feelings and opinions.  It becomes a harassing, bullying kind of thing and I'm not about that.  I'd rather keep it to myself and not have the controversy/conflict/conversation.  So I will keep it to recipe and menu posts, and the normal, every day things that I also like to talk about.  And I will be satisfied with that.  However, I reserve the right to change that and post anything I want at any time :)

So, mostly, the changes have been good and of a positive nature.  There are a few other not nice ones that I'm not posting today.  Maybe another time.  But not today. 

Well, then....I'll start working on that recipe post!


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