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I feel like I have a stalker...

I go to the grocery store and my stalker is always there.  I get online and they are always there, too.  I sign on to Facebook and, yep, there too.  I can't escape.  She is everywhere I go.  And she has this group of people with her that feel like they are becoming stalkerish, too.  Especially her mom. 

Yes, Kim Kardashian is stalking me.  She is on every magazine cover, she is on every bit of social media I am on in some sort of capacity, she's on the news for whatever insane reason.  She is everywhere!  Her family is almost just as bad.  I can't go anywhere without seeing or hearing about how Khloe is really O.J.'s kid or she's in a horrible relationship again.  Or how Kourtney is pregnant again and Scott is a grade A douche.  The other 2 K girls, the youngest ones that are from Bruce Jenner, are quickly becoming my stalkers as well.  Apparently one of them showed major skin and she's really young.  Is it really that big of a surprise, by the way?  This family is everywhere and you can't escape it!  Mom Kris made a sex tape.  Ewww.  The girls must be so proud.  How are any of these relationships even remotely functional.  It's got to be awkward sitting around the dinner table saying, "So, how was your day?"  "Oh, pretty good.  You know, the same old stuff.  Mani, pedi.  Made a sex tape."  Can you imagine coming across it too.  Here kids, let's watch a DVD.  Let's see what Grandma's got. 

I don't seek these stalkers out, I never go looking for any of them.  In fact, I try to avoid them at all costs.  On the magazine cover?  I don't read it, don't buy it.  On TV?  Turn the channel.  Online "news" article or gossip column?  I don't click, I don't read.  Yet, I still know more about them than I'd like to know.  Yahoo is amazing with their Kardashian coverage.  I go to Yahoo and see the headlines and decide which news items I'd like to read.  My choices are mostly Kardashian related.  Yahoo can really pack a lot of information into a 10 word heading.  It's either them (mostly Kim) or Miley.  Miley taking nasty pictures.  Again.  Miley trying to kiss a girl.  Shocking!  Miley naked.  Again.  Yikes.  Now it's turned into a very creepy stalking situation.

Some people enjoy the train wreck.  I see the appeal.  Sorry, that's a flat out lie.  I tried to make it make sense and rationalize it in my head.  But I just can't.  My apologies.  No, I'm really not sorry.

I haven't watched a show and honestly, I'm not being judgy.  I haven't judged Kim by saying she's a horrid person and a publicity whore.  I haven't said I see Khloe ending up with a string of horrible relationships or Kourtney putting up with GAD a lot longer than she ever should.  I don't know that any of those are true.  Nor do I care.  So...not judging!  I do see comments that people make about the family and there doesn't seem to be much support for them from the general public.  I've never heard anyone say, "Oh that Kimya wedding was just the most wonderful thing I've seen in all my life.  So sweet and wonderful.  It beat out the Royal wedding with Kate and Will".  I've also never heard anyone defend them saying they are just a normal family and have normal family dynamics.  I don't know about you but no one in my family has made a sex tape.  And if they did I'm really glad that I don't know!!

I'm just stating that this family is everywhere.  There is no escape, there is no break from them.  There is only a daily assault on my delicate senses of the Kardashian Klan.  And I've given in to the dark side and wrote about them.  What does that say about me???? 

Seriously though, if you are a fan and have watched their shows before, please, tell me what, besides the train wreck factor, is appealing about the family.  I know they are business women (because in the magazines I do read that are usually Kardashian Klan free, they advertise their clothing line.  See, no escape).  But are they really hands on?  Do they go into the office and put in a full 8-10 hour day making sure their product line is up to standard.  I'm afraid to think of what standard that is.  Ok, that was a little judgy.  I'm thinking they don't have much say in the business, it's kind of in name only and a yes or a no on some kind of design?  Again, I don't know.  If you do, please let me know!! 

**Please take my "stalker" comments as tongue in cheek as they are intended.  In no way, shape or form do I make light of actual stalking situations**

And as always if you can't have a normal conversation and add something to the line of dialog or want to send an evil, vicious, personal attack comment, do us all a favor and keep it to yourself.

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