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Diabetes Sucks! My new inspiration for fundraising and walking this year

So, diabetes sucks.  It's not fun, your eyesight changing, your inability to lose weight not to mention the diet changes and no longer being able to eat cookies.  I really like cookies.  And quite honestly I still eat them.  Sometimes I wash my metformin down with Pepsi.  Bad, I know. 

For the last two years I've been a team captain for the diabetes walk.  I took it very seriously my first year and raised over $400 with major help.  Last year, not so much.  My own $26 was pathetic.  All for a good cause, but still, $26 was embarrassing. 

Also for the last two years I've been a walk leader at our school for the diabetes walk along with a few of our students who have diabetes.  Last year I just kind of hung out with the diabetics for the walk but we didn't say much.  This year, whamo!  It was a kick in the heart to hear these new ones talk about their issues with diabetes and how they hoped there would be a cure one day.  Actually there was no mention of hope.  This is a quote from one of my favorite students who also happens to be diabetic. "When there is a cure I'm going to throw all my diabetic supplies in a fire and watch them burn!"  Another one said, "I'm going to eat a big bag of sugar".  Ok, probably not the greatest idea for that kid but I totally get it.  These kiddos are dealing with Type 1 so they've been dealing with this for a long time and have always known the sucky side of the diet restrictions. 

Notice though, that the girl said WHEN.  She lives with the belief that one day there WILL be a cure.  I hope so, for all our sakes. 

So, with that being said, I'm re-upping as a team captain this year for the ADA Step Out: Walk to Stop Diabetes.  I need team mates and I need money.  We need a cure!  Want to join?  Want to help  Please follow this link: STOP THIS CRAPPY DISEASE!

Thank you!


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