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Ashamed, Disgusted and Embarrassed

So some genius in Arizona has created a bill that would give businesses the right to discriminate against gay people.  Of course there is more to the bill.  It doesn't come right out and state "Discriminate Against the Gays!" But the bottom line is, that's what it comes down to.  A business owner has a right to refuse service to anyone yet they must not be allowed to discriminate.

The creators of the bill gave it the heading under Freedom of Religion.  If I believe, as a Christian, that being a homosexual is wrong, according to this bill, I can't be sued for refusing to serve a homosexual.  A bakery cannot be forced to make a wedding cake for a same-sex couple wanting to get married and they cannot be sued for refusing to make one.  But where would it stop?  Can a homosexual be refused at a gas station?  How would the cashier know?  If that ridiculous bill passes, what's next?  McDonalds sets a weight limit because it doesn't want to serve fat people?  We take a huge step backwards as a state, as a nation, if we let this happen. 

I'm embarrassed to be a native Arizonan.  I'm ashamed that this bill would have gotten this far anyway.  I'm hopeful that the Governor will veto this stupid bill. 

I'm disgusted that it would have a Freedom of Religion label.  As a Christian this appalls me.  You may be a Christian and not agree with homosexuality but that does NOT give you the right to discriminate.  God would be disappointed.  Because...

My God is merciful
My God is accepting
My God is forgiving
My God is loving

My God does not hate gay people.  Don't put a label of religion on ignorance.  In my heart I honestly believe that homosexuality is not a choice, that we are born straight or gay. If that is the case then how can it be that God would disapprove?  That he would allow his creations to be discriminated against.


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