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Sampler Village

I orderd this sample box from Sampler Village and I LOVE it!  It's such a nice idea to offer samples of a little bit of everything so you can decide what you want and whom to buy from.  The shipping was super fast and this is how the package looked when I took it out of the mailing box: 
Super cute, right?  Ready for gift giving right out of the box.  And here's what was in the box:

Lots and lots of things like lip gloss, lip balm, soap samples, candle samples, tart samples, seeds, cards, facial scrubbies and the list goes on. 
I was really excited to receive this stuff in the mail from Sampler Village.  And just so you know, I wasn't asked to provide a review, I wasn't paid to write a review or compensated in any way, I just loved getting this stuff and wanted to share what a great idea it is! :)  If you want to see more or learn more about it you can visit http://www.samplervillage.com/


  1. Lyndsey said...:

    Super cute! Following you from the hop! =)
    Lyndsey http://lyndseynp.blogspot.com

  1. Grace said...:

    Samplers are nice and I like to stick some in birthday baskets (sometimes I put the gifts in a basket and add home made things) as it is just a little extra but is fun for them to try.
    I found you on the Sunday Hop with Planet Weidknecht and am now following you via GFC

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