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Home Improvement

Lord help us, we're talking home improvement again.  Nothing major, just the basement bathroom.  Maybe reflooring the mudroom.  Linoleum is cheap enough.  No idea where to begin in the bathroom though.  We need to remove the existing surround, clean up the flooring and replace it all.  I think for the most part the removal of the floor and repainting and putting new flooring in will be fairly easy.  At least it probably won't cause tears of frustration and lots of cursing.  The surround scares me though.  Not one single clue on how to go about this.  And I'm not just talking about removing and installing a new one.  I'm scared to pick one out.  How do you go about it?  Duh, I realize you have to measure, but what is best?  Do you go for one that is all one piece or do you go for the 3 piece one?  Maybe one that includes a door or do you stick with the 3 piece and go for a shower curtain again.  I can tell you that I prefer the door kind.  But can our shower handle that?  I have no idea!!  So...farts. 

We're also installing 2 exterior doors and storm doors.  2 years ago we replaced the storm doors and they were never right to begin with.  Sorry, darling hubby, you are not allowed to try again.  I love you, but they sucked.  And railing.  We need stair railing on our front steps.  I have no idea how to do that either because it involves attaching it to concrete.  So...farts.

Anyway, we're making slow progress.  I mean, we haven't started yet, just got an idea of what we would like to do but haven't bought anything or contacted anyone yet for the serious matter of choosing a surround.  Soon, I suppose. 


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