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Week of Monday's

I had 3 Monday's in a row this week.  I'm tired of Monday's and they suck anyway.  The first Monday we were short staffed.  The second Monday we had 2 kids drop from our enrollment.  The third Monday we sent 2 kids home (same family) with lice.  AGAIN!  First, I want to know why it's so hard for this family to get rid of it when they have been given all the information and materials on how to get rid of it.  Why the reinfestation over and over and over again???  Second, I'd like to know why just the word LICE makes me go crazy.  The minute the teacher says "hey, I need to check so and so's head", I get all twitchy.  My eyebrows start itching.  So not kidding.  
Ok, that's the end of the gripe session.  I just want a normal week next week, only one Monday please.  Is that too much to ask?  
Football game tonight.  Homecoming parade and homecoming game tomorrow.   Saturday taking my oldest and his girlfriend on their first date to the movies.  Dropping them off, that is.  I would never go in with him! lol  He'd be mortified for life! Sunday another football game for the youngest.  And then it's Monday all over again. 


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