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Crouching mom, hidden chocolate

Not sure what happened but somehow I ended up with a kid with a major sweet tooth.  I'm not just talking a few sugary snacks a week, it's on a daily basis.  I know, I know, it's probably all my fault, I never breastfed him.  No really..... I buy it and keep it in the house.  I've tried to teach moderation but it never seems to work on any of my family.  I think I will just stop buying it.  Biggest Loser is back on as of tonight so I will be sure to watch and get motivated to be healthy!  Anyway, about this sweet tooth.  This kid can sniff sugar out anywhere.  I hide stuff every where.  In kitchen cabinets, in pots and pans, even in my underwear drawer.  With the underwear drawer my theory was, there is NO WAY kids will go through their mother's underwear drawer just to find candy.  Mine did.  He's only 10 but has this uncanny ability to find chocolate and sugar stashed in my underwear drawer but most mornings can't find his own shoes.  I might have found the perfect place though, finally.  I've had a Hershey's bar hidden in the freezer stashed behind the zuccini for over 2 weeks not and he hasn't found it yet.  Considering I'm about to eat it he'll never get the chance to even look for it! :)


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