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We're baaaaaaaack!

We're back in AZ!  It's been a long, drawn out process, but finally, we are home.  We moved to a community in Goodyear called Estrella Mountain Ranch.  They have a residents club with a water park and fitness center, a youth club, a yacht club, all free to residents.  Yesterday my mom and Zach went kayaking at the yacht club and today Zach and I went.  It was tons of fun!

Earlier this week we went to "my place" (as my dad calls it) for my birthday.  It's called The Duce, as in, short for produce.  The owners renovated an old produce warehouse and turned it into something really cool.  Hard to explain exactly what it all includes but you can facebook it and "like" it...awesomeness!

Today all the boys in the family (except my brother Rob) went to go see The Avengers.  They like doing stuff like that, being together and doing that whole male bonding thing. It's a lot of fun for everyone and, at least for me, it gives me a few hours to myself. 

We did leave a few great things behind though.  The boys had great, great friends.  That's always sad, leaving them.  We found new homes for Romeo and Jerry.  Rex went to heaven.  It's so heartbreaking.

Steve starts back to work tomorrow.  I start looking for a job tomorrow.  I've gotten a few leads but haven't been anywhere yet.  This last week has been pretty busy for us getting the house all situated, the boys in school, setting up bank accounts and new phones, etc.  Now it's back to business and "real" life!


  1. Mary said...:

    Welcome home! Love having you so close. Life is 4/5 complete. :) You live in an amazing community. I love it there. And your new life at home begins.

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