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Things I'll do when I get home...

With our impending move, I've been thinking about all the things I'd like to do once we get back home.  Some I used to do, some I've never done.  Some of those things that I've never done, I want to do simply because the opportunity to do them is available in the big city as opposed to the small town.

I will become a frequent participant in happy hour.  I will entertain more at my house.  I will try a lot of my Pinterest recipes.  I will try my Pinterest recipes at the happy hour I host at my house with my family and friends!  Those mason jar drinks will be at the top of my list.

I'll use my reusable bags at the grocery store and stop forgetting them in the car.  I'll designate one bag for meats and one bag for fruits and veggies to prevent cross contamination.  I'll rediscover my love of reading and become a patron of the library again. 

I'll redo my blog.  And blog with frequent purpose.  I'll pursue guest bloggers to post and will be a guest blogger to post.  I'll focus on marketing this fabu blog.  I'll also try to figure out how the whole "traffic" thing works and keep my posts from being linked to abexerciser.com and crap like that. 

I will start back at the gym or the Y and get rid of this weight I've gained since arriving in Nebraska.  I'll scrapbook with friends again and get caught up on the albums I've started.  And I won't rush through them, just to get them done.  I'll take time to make them great!

I'll learn to relax.  I'll get a massage.  I'll regularly get my hair cut, my eyebrows waxed and seriously keep a standing appointment for pedicures, complete with designs on my big toes.  Arizona is flip-flop weather practically year round, you know.

I will travel up to Prescott overnight or just for the day because driving an hour or an hour and a half for cooler weather and beautiful scenery is nothing.  I'll also pursue other areas of the state that I've never seen before. 

I will learn to make tile necklaces.  I'll manage my diabetes better.  I'll rent from RedBox.  I will make the ultimate sacrifice and attend a baseball game with Steve.  If he really, really wants me to.  And can't find anyone else to go.  I'm going to buy a gun and learn to shoot.  And I'm asking myself why I bring up "gun" and "learn to shoot" right after I mention "Steve" and "baseball"....


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