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Playing tricks on my family

I like to play tricks on my family.  Food-wise at least.  Most of the time they don't know what I've deleted or what I've added to a dish to make it better for them.  Like shredding or dicing zuccini into spaghetti sauce or meat loaf.  Or using fat free cream cheese for the jalopeno poppers instead of full fat versions.  Cauliflower mashed "potatoes" anyone?  Steve is suspicious at times and asks.  I try to lie.  But I'm not a good liar so I usually just don't answer.  And then he knows for sure that I've done something.  I really need to work on those lying skills.  I made cheesecake yesterday.  And banana bread.  As I started with the cheesecake I realized I was out of sugar but had Splenda.  I can't tell the difference but Steve said it tasted different from when I've made it before.  I think it could have been the bland canned cherries but...until he reads this blog he has no clue I used Splenda. 

Then I made the banana bread, using Splenda, but also using a whole grain baking mix in lieu of white flour.  I have flour but I also have diabetes so...It was delicious!  It didn't cook like traditional banana bread so I might have to tweak the recipe just a little or adjust the cooking time.  It didn't slice like regular banana bread.  But, just like regular banana bread, it's already almost gone and no one has said they taste a difference. 

I'll keep playing tricks to get them to eat better.  And work on those lying skills.


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