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Menu Planning

I love menu planning.  I don't always follow it though, but I at least like to have an idea of what I plan on doing, what I have in the fridge, etc.  And with our house on the market and hopefully selling soon, we're trying to depleat our frozen foods and such.  We don't plan on moving any canned goods or anything so ... let the feeding frenzy begin!

Dinners look like this, this week:

Meat loaf
Smothered pork chops (maybe not smothered...topped? Coated? Ehh, whatever)
Fish tacos (first time trying it so...cereal as a back up? Yes, Steve, this means you)
Garlic spaghetti - love this wonderful standby!
Sloppy Jones with potato side dish
Chicken salad sandwiches with chips
Tamale casserole

I won't have to go to the store to buy anything, this is using everything we already have at home.  We'll have our "supply" gone in no time!

Now if someone would just buy the house....


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