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The Impatient Gardener

I don't really have a green thumb but I want to have one.  I'm a bit too impatient to wait out a garden.  Right now I have 2 tomato plants, 1 green pepper plant, 1 orange pepper plant, 2 cucumber plants and 4 jalapeno plants.  So far the only thing producing is the tomato plants.  I have 6 tomatoes sprouting out so far and couldn't be happier that I haven't killed it off.  Yet.  And we have one, teeny weeny green pepper started but it's slow going.  Nothing on anything else yet.  And it's driving me crazy.  I want instant gratification.  I want it all NOW! 

I faithfully go out every day to check the progress of each plant.  Sometimes in my pajamas.  The neighbors are thrilled, I'm sure.  This morning I noticed that one of the tomatoes is starting to turn red!  Words can't say how excited I am about that!  I love, love, LOVE fresh, home grown tomatoes.  The kind you buy in the store just aren't very flavorful sometimes.  Nothing like fresh, right?  I now wish I had bought 3 or 4 or 10 more tomato plants.  I would like to get tons and can them.  Make some sauce, make some salsa, so when we are buried in the snow, I've got goodies!  But since I didn't buy 3 or 4 or 10 tomato plants I will hope and pray that my neighbors are over run with them and give them away like they've done before.  I'll also hit up the farmers market and buy them out of their tomatoes.  It doesn't solve my problem of getting my hands on stuff now or getting my garden to produce more.  I'm just too impatient to be a gardener!


  1. Sarah said...:

    I'm an impatient gardener too :)

    Following you back from This Crazy Blessed Life!

  1. Michelle said...:

    YAY! Once the veggies are ready for harvesting and they continue to grow through the Summer it's the best feeling!!

  1. Mandi said...:

    Every year I say "this will be the year that I plant a veggie garden", and every summer I stand in my back yard and wonder why I didn't do it. Hats off to you for even starting one! I don't even know yet if I have a green thumb. It's currently just a lazy thumb, I guess. :)


  1. WarmSunshine said...:

    Hey there! Thanks for following me :) As appreciation, I have added your link to my Friends Meetup Party for this week. I hope you come around and read more from "the perfect line".
    Happy Blogging!

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