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Oh Puhleeze!

It's that time of year again.  Time to make "resolutions".  To that I raise one fat middle finger and say bah hum bug.  Bah HUM Bug!  I said the same thing last year.  And the year before that.  Most likely the one before that too.  I always want to rebel against even making resolutions because I never follow through anyway but then I start to think, new year, new life, time to change, change is good, blah, blah, bloggity blog blah.  Then I start to feel guilty for not making any kind of resolution.  Guilt!  For not wanting to make a resolution to change something about myself.  Crazy, I know.  So I start to make a list in my head of things I should really do something about.  Here's my running list, in no particular order:
1. duh, lose some of this baby fat.  (baby is 11)
2.  stop drinking poison. (I lovingly call it Pepsi)
3. get my financial house in order. (by doing this I could probably pay for a personal trainer which would help with #1) (and probably #2)
4. get my spiritual house in order. (stop falling asleep before I've finished my prayers) and actually get my hiney to church more often.
5. Write, write, write (and maybe even try to get paid for it)
6. stop looking at the local dog shelter web site.  We don't need another dog, no matter how cute or pathetic they look. 
7. seriously stop wasting time on facebook
8. stop the sarcasm

Well, that's the start of the list.  Maybe not all are really "resolutions", probably more like lifestyle changes.  Or just really good ideas. 


  1. Tayler and I made a resolution together. We're going to try and do a 100% natural food/products "diet" for a year. We're going to buy only natural/organic stuff like food, drinks, soap, cleaning supplies, medicine etc. I hope it works out!

  1. mombo880 said...:

    Good for you! Keep me posted on how that works out. I would love to do natural foods but it's a little hard to find here. Of course you could grow your own (I have a black thumb!). The beef and pork we buy, when we go in on half a cow or pig is "natural" as far as not fed hormones, etc. You can definitely tell a difference. Be wary of natural meds though as far as "folksy" stuff. Lots of that is not regulated and can contain nasty stuff like lead. You can make your own soaps and cleaning supplies too! Start a movement Dan! lol

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