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Daytime tv

Daytime tv is pretty horrible for me.  I'm grateful I work during the day.  I'm sick today so I get to stay home and watch tv.  I forgot how much I love The Price Is Right!!  Even with Drew Carey as host.  I miss Bob Barker but Drew Carey isn't so bad.  I can remember sitting at my Nanny's house during the summer and watching TPIR the shell game and the yodeling guy, those were my favorite games.  Oh and the one with the red and green price indicator thing.  And the Higher/Lower game.  Anyway....daytime tv is kind of depressing.  I've been watching for a few hours now and I'm convinced I'm going to get osteoarthritis, need dentures, suffer from incontinence and need a scooter from The Scooter Store by the time I'm 60.  I'm also thinking I should start looking in to AARP and the life insurance they offer, setting up funeral arrangements and buying stock in Activia and Depends.  Then I'll die of heart disease.  Time to pull the plug on the talking box and go back to work!


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